Observatory Circle Project Let there be light...but with steel windows and a contemporary feel

Before - Kitchen
This Observatory Circle kitchen was very dark and dated for this family of six. To make things worse, it was small. In the above photograph, you can see that there are two staircases in the kitchen. One staircase leads down to the basement, while another is an alternate staircase leading up to second floor. We needed to bring sunlight into this home while opening the kitchen to beautiful views of the terrace, but all the while, enlarging the kitchen and cabinetry space. Obviously, one staircase needed to be eliminated, and the other relocated under the main staircase.

Kitchen - Process
The kitchen floor rolled up and down by as much as three and a half inches, as well, the floor joists were rendered out of code from former work completed. The terra cotta block walls were also classified unsafe by a structural engineer. After removing the staircases, new loading bearing structural beams were installed in the ceiling, the floor joists were all replaced with Roseburg RIGIDLam LVLs, Simpson Hangers and topped with the industry leading Huber Advantech sub-flooring. The room was squared and the ceiling dropped for a laser leveled height.

Kitchen - Process
After taping and blocking the new drywall, this MLC Build team member is beginning to apply the MLC BUILD standard Level V skim coat to ensure an even and seamless canvas for our painters. At MLC BUILD, we prefer a Level V drywall finish, or, a "blue" board and plaster finish. To achieve this result, we use lasers and measuring calipers to achieve straight, even level lines, and any required opening set back, such as the windows below.

Kitchen - After
A contemporary transition of styles. We introduced ceiling beams that utilize a shadow gap to match those of the new cabinets. Now, a brighter kitchen with a large island, a dining table in the kitchen, amazing cabinet space, beautiful steel windows and doors. The kitchen now benefits from hydronic radiant floors while the new windows track the sun to embrace the family in warm comfort.

Kitchen - Feature
A marble window sill extending from the steel windows has been mirrored and mitered into the backsplash for a seamless contemporary transition.